Saturday, September 25, 2010

HomeCast for September 23, 2010

Learn some of the secrets from the new Lakeside Luxury estate, find out what items got free updates and celebrate the launch of a community-inspired item in this week's edition.

Download HomeCast (right-click and Save As).

There are a few furniture and clothing items that just couldn't fit into five minutes this week. For female avatars, there's the Club Chic outfit, which is a complete avatar that cannot be modified. At 99 cents, it's a reasonable buy, and rumor has it that this avatar moves a little differently than the standard female avatar. If anyone can confirm this, please do.

There's also a lot more furniture available for the Lake House, including some cool abstract lamps, .99 for the floor model and .49 for the table model, and the stack of dice for .49 cents, which will add an extra casino kick to that Brimstone Poker room you've been building.

If you still need the Move controller avatar, want to buy the animated version or just haven't finished the game yet, meet me in the Move space tonight, September 25, between 8PM and 11PM Eastern Time. You won't find this space on the navigator, so if you'd like to come by, send a friend request to HearItWow from your Home PDA. I won't be able to send invites while the game is playing, so please be patient, and I'll get you in just as soon as I can.

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