Saturday, July 3, 2010

HomeCast for July 1, 2010

A shade over five minutes and much improved audio in this week's HomeCast!

This week--
  • Get to Central Plaza by July 4 for limited time rewards
  • An overview of the new pay-to-play Midway space
  • A bug fix for SDTV users who can't jump on Andy's Bed or get Darla's Den from the Midway
Thanks go out to Homeboy79 and McRoddec for their research help this week. A special thanks to JoseOmatic for discovering the SDTV fix. I totally forgot to include that in this week's script. For more details on the fix, check out this thread in the PlayStation Forums.

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  1. Hey man , can you add HLPPE to your PSN and have a chat with me one day about some thing. Nice work here and hope to talk to you soon.